Self-Sustainable house?

  • Solar for energy
  • Filtering the rain for water
  • Grow own foods (vegetable)


Reading The Moneyless Man by Mark Boyle

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So the sarcastic hashtag #terimakasihindonesia is now trending…

So the sarcastic hashtag #terimakasihindonesia is now trending on Twitter! Malaysians take to Twitter to vent their frustrations with the haze these past few days.


@Zjinnkazama launched a haze campaign to monitor the battle of #terimakasihindonesia and #samasamamalaysia


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Unexpected mongo exit code 100 Restarting Issue Solution…

Unexpected mongo exit code 100. Restarting. Issue
Solution: rm -rf .meteor/local
WARNING: This deletes the database and all of the application’s data.


‪#‎GE2015‬ Who’s the most discussed politician or party…

‪#‎GE2015‬: Who’s the most discussed politician or party on Twitter?

What are the GE2015 trending political gaffes that have got Singapore voters at twitter


One week into the 2015 General Election, what are the trending parties, politicians, issues and political gaffes that have got Singapore voters at twitter?

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Trending Statutes & Photos for 남이섬 Namiseom

Do you still remember the famous Korean Drama & also the 1st shown in Malaysia? Winter Sonata (2002), staring Bae Yong Joon & Choi Ji Woo. Some of the scenery from the drama is actually in Namiseom Island itself.

Trending Statutes & Photos for 남이섬 Namiseom

Nami island is a wonderland where the place is very beatiful in spring (for flower), Summer (green tree) & Autumn (different lanes with well planted trees) & Winter (Snow view).

Trending Statutes & Photos for 남이섬 Namiseom now live streaming at

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Singapore Elections 2015 Campaign Live Stream and Bulk…

Singapore Elections 2015 Campaign: Live Stream and Bulk Marketing published, first Screencast for GeoSenti.

Trending Photos for Singapore General Elections 2015 now live at

In this video, we will show you how to use GeoSenti to collect data from keywords and gps locations.
Then, find the top influencers and send them personalised replies to ask for reshare to outreach more audiences.

The data is currently collected based on related keywords (ge2015, sgelections, wprally, paprally) and 1 location (Blk 837 Hougang Central). The keywords and location will be updated from times to times.

Live Feeds:

GeoSenti is a Hyperlocal Customers Discovery and Engagement Automation tool for physical shops, like restaurants, retails and hospitalities. We help you to discover the targeted prospects and bulk replying them with highly engaged personalised messages.